Private Exit

Make a private offer to burn LP tokens.
1) Connect your DAO to the Private Exit module. Create a voting to activate the module's Private Exit interaction with the DAO.
2) On the DAO main page, go to the Connections tab and open the Private Exit module.
3) Specify the recipient of the private exit and the number of LP tokens to be burned.
4) Choose the tokens on your DAO balance that will be sent to the recipient.
5) An example of using this module.
A group of investors agreed to freeze funds for half a year and invest them in various DeFi protocols. Early exit is possible, but only with a 50% fee on the deposit and no profit. One of the investors needed an early exit, then the DAO manager creates a Private Exit. Investor will see his offer for an early exit on the DAO page and will be able to burn his LP tokens.
Parameters such as the number of burned LP tokens, the type of token sent and its quantity can be set in any form.
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