For Investors

XDAO gives a super power to DAOs which are looking for potential investors. XDAO meets projects with investors in one place.
Once a DAO created a Private offer or Public offer you will be able to see on the DAO home page in section "Offers".
How does a private transaction differ from a public offer?
A private transaction gives an opportunity to buy only a certain number of LP tokens to a certain user.
The public offer allows an unlimited number of users to buy an unlimited number of tokens.
By purchasing DAO LP tokens you have a proportional part of the whole DAO assets. In a DAO you can issue LP of any price.
Consider following situation:
Step1. A DAO has $0 on balance;
Step2. You bought 1 LP for $100 and you are the only investor. Now you have 100% of share. DAO has $100 AUM;
Step3. Another person bought 1LP token for the same $100. Now you have 50% share. DAO has $200 AUM;
Step4. DAO earns +$100. DAO has $300 AUM where $150 is yours (+$50 profit);
Step5. You are about to quit and burn your LPs. You will get $150 in return.
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