XDAO Platform
How to Create a DAO
Immediately after connecting a wallet you are able to create a DAO.
There are two alternative ways to do this.
Make sure you have enough BNBs in your wallet.

Option 1. Use the left menu bar and select "Create".


Option 2. Click a "Create DAO" button in the top menu.

You will be taken to the DAO Factory.
Choose between Decentralized Autonomous Company β€” DAC and Decentralized Autonomous Fund β€” DAF.
All decisions in DAC are made by Teammates. Every Teammate can initiate a new vote: transfer of any tokens from the balance of the DAC, minting of Governance Tokens and adding a new Teammate. Also, Teammates can initiate a vote to change the Rules.
All decisions in DAF are made by its Members. Every Member can initiate a new vote. To become a Member, you should buy at least 1 Governance Token. Every User of the platform can get the right to purchase Governance Tokens after the approval of his candidacy by current Members of the DAF.
To learn more about the difference between DAC and DAF click here.
Last modified 4mo ago