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XPLUG Web Extension
We officially launched our XPLUG Public Beta! Here are some instructions how to install it
To get XPLUG, please contact us in our chat πŸ‘‡
[Eng] xDAO | Official chat


XPLUG will have a conflict with other wallets (Metamask, etc.).
We recommend to open and install it on separate browser or account (Brave, Chrome). Otherwise, you should turn off your current wallet while using XPLUG.
The file with XPLUG should be unzipped and saved as a folder.
    Go to chrome://extensions/;
    Activate Developer mode;
    Click "Load unpacked";
    Choose the entire XPLUG folder.
You will see your newly installed extension here. Don't forget to disable your main wallet! Click to "service worker". Ordinary browser console will be open. We will refer to the service worker later in this docs.
XPLUG extension


Now let's test our extention! Copy your DAO address:
Go to PancakeSwap. We will try to connect our DAO here via XPLUG. Enter DAO address and click "Set Global".
XPLUG Extension is working
Then click "Connect Wallet" and choose Metamask.
Now the magic happens! You can see all your DAO's data right here!
Now just for example we will remove the liquidity from USDT/BNB.
Pancakeswap Interface
When we are ready to make a transaction we should add Private Key from our personal wallet (in this case the DAO have only one user and I provide my personal private key that have access to my DAO) and Voting title to make this voting recognisable to others.
Add your PV and VT to make a voting
Click to make a transaction. Now let's go to service worker panel. You should see that Transaction (Tx) and Voting Created.
Console.log on service worker
On your DAO page you should see that your Voting was created!
Voting is created
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