XDAO Platform
The decentralized financial blockchain system has proven its effectiveness. Financial instruments and protocols in decentralized networks continue to grow rapidly, paving the way for the new financial era.
The first step in the development of this new market was the emergence of cryptocurrencies as a unit of settlement and a way of attracting investments. The next step was the development of financial instruments and protocols (Decentralized Finance โ€” DeFi) that allow using cryptocurrencies for financial transactions. The third stage of new crypto-economy development is associated with the digitization of rights to tangible and digital assets (Non-Fungible Tokens โ€” NFTs) and the creation of new digital companies (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations โ€” DAOs). Many financial protocols use the DAO model as a method of management and decision-making. However, this model remains unclaimed by the masses for many reasons.
The XDAO protocol helps to make DAOs simple and accessible to everyone. XDAO is a constructor platform that allows creating a digital company without a single line of code. Digital companies will help to collectively manage cryptocurrency accounts using a multi-signature system.
Within the next few years, the DAO model will start to go beyond the usual speculative instruments and could be used for a management model in the traditional financial system.
XDAO establishes an infrastructure on Binance Smart Chain aimed at empowering digital companies and the digital asset market. We believe in the success of this new model of transparent and fair business management.
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