With Connect you can connect to any DeFi protocol on behalf of a DAO that supports WalletConnect.

To connect to a third-party Dapp:

1) Click Connect on the Manage page of your DAO;

When you open Connect, you will see a list of popular DeFi projects that you can connect your DAO to. This list is not limited to your options for connecting your DAO. You can open any Dapp that supports WalletConnect and connect to it yourself.

2) Go to the website of the Dapp project you want;

3) Click Connect wallet and select the WalletConnect button;

4) Under the QR code, copy the URI by clicking on Copy to clipboard;

5) Go back to and paste the URI in the special field;

6) If you see "You are connected now", then you have successfully connected to Dapp. You can also see that the address connected to the Dapp is the DAO address;

7) After you finish interacting with Dapp, click Disconnect.

DAO can interact with any Dapp where there is WalletConnect, except those where a signature is required. DAO - a smart contract, that is, the DAO has no private key, which means that it is impossible to put a signature. Because of this, interaction with some Dapp is currently impossible.

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