Create Crowdfunding⭐️

To raise funds in your DAO, start Crowdfunding:

1) Click Create Crowdfunding on the Manage page of your DAO;

2) Click Start Crowdfunding;

3) Choose a token from the list or specify its smart contract for which you will sell your LPs;

4) Specify the value of your 1 LP token;

5) There are 3 additional settings available for Crowdfunding:

• Launchpad has time limit - time limit for fundraising. Launchpad will close at the specified date and time;

• Launchpad has limited sale amount - limited sale offer of the selected token. Launchpad will close when the specified amount is collected;

• Launchpad has whitelist - whitelist for specific users with a specific allocation. Whitelist can be filled in manually, or you can copy and paste from Excel.

6) Click Initialize LP Sale to create a vote on setting up Crowdfunding options. Once the vote is activated, you can move on to the next step;

7) Click Create LP Offer for Crowdfunding and enter the number of LP tokens. Once the vote is created and activated, you will create an offer to load LP tokens for sale through Crowdfunding;

8) Click Fill Crowdfunding with LP and then Buy to load LP tokens into Crowdfunding.

Each investor can only invest in Dao through Crowdfunding once. It is not possible to invest again. To do this you will need to restart Crowdfunding or make a private offer.

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