Manage Crowdfunding⭐️

To stop fundraising at your DAO through Crowdfunding:

1) Click Manage Crowdfunding on the Manage page of your DAO;

2) If your DAO does not have a Private Exit Module installed, click on Install Private Exit Module. Once the vote is created and activated, the Private Exit Module will be installed in your DAO;

3) Click Create Exit Offer for Crowdfunding and enter the number of LP tokens. Once the vote is created and activated, you will create an offer to burn LP tokens not sold through Crowdfunding;

4) Click Burn LP from Crowdfunding, and then Burn to burn the unsold LP tokens into Crowdfunding;

5) Click Close Sale to close the Crowdfunding page.

If you want to change the terms of an already created Crowdfunding, click Edit Crowdfunding and update the LP token sale terms.

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