Create LP Token

To start the fundraising process, the DAO must first issue Liquidity Provider Tokens (LPs).

Before creating an LP token, read the section:

pageLP Token (Liquidity Provider Token)

To create an LP Token:

1) Click Create LP Token on the Manage page of your DAO;

2) Enter the name and symbol of the LP Token;

3) Once the vote is created and activated, you will create a smart contract of your LP Token for your DAO.

LP token - standard ERC-20 token, 18 decimal places.

Once an LP Token is created, you cannot change the name or the symbol of the LP token, because at the moment the LP is created, this data is registered in the blockchain and cannot be changed.

All DAOs on XDAO can have only one LP token. It is not possible to create more than one LP token in a DAO.

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