Create Private Exit Offer⭐️

Private Exit Offer gives you the opportunity to burn LP tokens at a special price, giving away a pre-agreed portion of the share with the DAO. One offer can only be activated once.

To create a private exit offer:

1) Click Create Private Exit Offer on the Manage page in your DAO;

2) Click Add module and then Create voting to create a vote on connecting your DAO to the Private Exit module. After the voting is activated, you can move on to the next step;

Connecting Private Exit to your DAO is only required the first time you interact with a Private Exit Offer.

3) Specify the public address of the recipient of the private exit offer;

4) Specify the number of LP tokens that will be burned from the recipient's address when he agrees to the offer;

5) Select tokens and specify the number of tokens that are on the DAO balance and will be sent to the recipient;

6) After creating the vote and it's activation, you will form a private offer of output to a particular buyer.

Created Private Exit Offers are displayed on the Activity page in your DAO.

An example of using Private Exit Offer.

A group of investors agreed to freeze funds for half a year and invest them in various DeFi protocols. Early exit is possible, but only with a 50% fee on the deposit and no profit. One of the investors needed an early exit, then the DAO manager creates a Private Exit. Investor will see his offer for an early exit on the DAO page and will be able to burn his LP tokens.

Parameters such as the number of burned LP tokens, the type of token sent and its quantity can be set in any form.

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