Pay Dividends⭐️

To pay dividends to your community or investors:

1) Click Pay Dividends on the Manage page in your DAO;

2) Select a token from the list or specify the smart contract of the token that you will be distributing. This token should be held in the DAO's balance;

3) Choose the method of distributing the dividends: proportionally among holders of the base token or manually entering a list of recipients;

4) If you choose Proportional, specify the total number of tokens to send and select the base token to determine dividend recipients based on their ownership of a specific token. This can be GT, LP, or any other token;

5) If you choose Manual Distribute, manually enter the addresses of the recipients and specify the number of tokens to send out for each recipient. XDAO will automatically calculate the total number of tokens to be distributed;

6) Click "Approve" to allow the Dividends smart contract to interact with the chosen token in the DAO;

7) Click "Create voting" to create a vote for dividend distribution. Once the vote is activated, the dividends will be sent out.

The limit on the number of dividend recipients is set to 50 addresses. If you need to distribute dividends to more users, please contact telegram or discord.

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