Change Widget

There are currently 5 widgets available, for a presentable look of your DAO home page.

3 free widgets:

1) Voting List - displays the last 3 votes in your DAO;

2) Proposal List - displays the last 3 proposals in your DAO;

3) Balance - displays the latest assets in your DAO.

2 Widgets available by subscription:

1) AUM History - AUM history in your DAO for 30 days;

2) Voting Created Bar Chart - History of how many votes you have in a selected period (7 days, 6 weeks or 6 months).

You can also choose empty, then your DAO page will be without a widget, thus achieving a concise design. To select a widget:

1) Click Change Widget on the Manage page in your DAO;

2) Choose a widget to be displayed on the main DAO page;

3) Click Update and sign the message in your wallet.

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