Add Manager⭐️

Often in a DAO, there is a member who is completely trusted by the other managers and is willing to give him full access to the management of the DAO. Such participants in XDAO we call Manager.

Manager does not require permission to perform any operations. Any vote that will be created by Manager will automatically be available for activation. Rest assured that the Manager you choose will not harm or steal all DAO funds to your wallet.

To give a participant Manager rights in the DAO:

1) Copy the public address of the manager you want to give Manager rights to;

Manager can only be a DAO member who has GT.

2) Click Add Manager on the Manage page of your DAO;

3) Enter the public address of the manager you want to assign as Manager;

4) Once the vote is created and activated, a Manager will be assigned to the DAO. The Manager will appear in the DAO Permitted Addresses section of the Info page of your DAO.

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