My First DAO

Step-by-step instructions for creating a simple DAO model.
XDAO is your gate to decentralized finance. Why? Because it has everything you need to manage/govern/create/build together!
This is the easiest DAO concept that can be implemented by anyone. This example is a short summary of everything that can be done with a DAO on XDAO so far.

Step 1

Create a DAO for 2 people. Add your and your friends public addresses. Give 1 GTs to each address. Set up a quorum to 51%. Now all decisions can be made only if you all will participate in voting.

Step 2

Create LP token.

Step 3

Create a private offer for you and your friend. Set up LP token price to $1,000.00 for each member.

Step 4

Go to invest page and buy your LP token. After purchase the offers will be deactivated. And your DAO will obtain $2,000.00 in total. Now you and your friend are not only DAO members, but a DAO investors! Both have 50% of total DAO share.

Step 5

Use the "Connect" and make your first purchases on DEX / NFT marketplaces or use pharming – invest from DAO and vote.
Congratulations, you are the coolest DAO user!😎
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