Create Proposal⭐️

Proposal is needed so that DAO managers can make an offchain poll based on ownership of a particular token. It can be GT, LP or any other token.

To create a Proposal:

1) Click Create Proposal on the Manage page in your DAO;

2) Specify the title and description of the vote;

3) Select the voting option, Single Choice - only one answer choice is possible or Multiple Choice - more than one answer choice is possible;

4) Specify the answer choices;

5) Specify Voting Token Address - the owners of this token will be able to participate in Proposal. It can be GT, LP or any other token. The weight of the vote will depend on the number of tokens on the user's balance;

6) Specify the start and end dates of the vote;

7) Click Create Proposal. Once the vote is created and activated, the Proposal will appear in the DAO community section of the Activity page in your DAO.

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