Change Members' Power⭐️

Governance tokens or GTs cannot be sent to another wallet via transfer. It was made to avoid voting power manipulation.

Whenever you will try to send Governance token with transfer or transferFrom you will get an error: GT: transfer is prohibited.

Instead, a member can simply give their GT to someone through a vote.

1) Click Change Members' Power on the Manage page of your DAO;

2) To transfer GT from one member to another, enter the sender and recipient members' public addresses and the number of GTs;

3) Once the vote is created and activated, the specified amount of GT will be transferred to the recipient.

This option is especially useful if GT Minting in your DAO is disabled and frozen, so participants cannot add another person to the DAO just by minting new tokens. Or, if GT Burning is disabled and frozen, so the participant can't just leave the DAO by burning tokens.

The form below takes any sender address and checks to see if a particular DAO member from that DAO has enough GT.

Otherwise it shows the error "There is not enough GT in this wallet".

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