DAO Price

Starting April 20, 2024, you will need to top up your DAO balance with $XDAO to manage it on Ethereum, Arbitrum, BNB Chain and Polygon networks. For other chains DAO Price is not applicable

To manage DAO you will need $XDAO tokens. See the instructions on how to buy them on CEX and DEX.

How much $XDAO should I hold on my DAO?

The DAO price increases with every 100 DAOs created. As of April 20, 2024, approximately 27,000 DAOs have been created. The starting price for a DAO is 100 $XDAO. Once you top up and fix your price, additional top-ups are not required to manage your DAO. For every additional 100 DAOs, the price increases by 40 $XDAO. If you've considered creating your organization, now is the best time!

How to top up?

If your DAO lacks sufficient tokens, a modal window will appear detailing the top-up process and the required token amount. Your DAO will only be temporarily blocked for management (for GT holders). Visitors, investors, and token buyers will continue to access your DAO page without interruption.

Top-up process:

  1. Ensure your wallet has sufficient funds to send to your DAO.

  2. Copy the DAO address provided in the modal window on your DAO page.

  3. Send the funds to the copied address, ensuring it is sent on the correct network.

Fixing the Price

Following the top-up, you will encounter a modal window enabling you to set the price of your DAO. This ensures you won't need to top up further in the future, though prices will continue to increase for other DAOs.

Please, hold $XDAO on your DAO balance for at least 30 days. Moving your funds from the DAO may result in the loss of the fixed price for your DAO.

Retaining $XDAO on your DAO Balance

We request that you retain $XDAO in your balance for 30 days to maintain the fixed price. After this initial period, you may transfer funds from your DAO if you do not need to manage the organization, and return them to your DAO balance whenever you wish to resume management. The fixed price will remain unchanged.

A DAO that holds 10,000 $XDAO tokens on the balance sheet automatically exempts their investors from the condition of investor ownership of $XDAO tokens

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