Creating Public Offer

Public offer gives the opportunity for people to buy LP tokens publicly. Public offer solution resembles a known token launchpad where you offer DAO tokens at a discounted price. However, your LP hold
After issuing LP tokens you will see "Init Public offer" on your DAO home page.
Pay attention: anyone can purchase unlimited amount of LP offered publicly.
A DAO can create unlimited amount of public offers. But only one public offer can be active.
Choose "Initialize Public Offer", fill the form and create a voting.
After successful initialization you will see your offer in "Invest" section among other offers.
Important! LP token price in a public offer is fixed and set once during the offer creation. We recommend to follow these simple steps to make your DAO's economic model safe:
- Initialize Public Offer to raise capital;
- Disable Public Offer once you are satisfied with the raised capital;
- Let your raised capital work in DeFi;
- Repeat this cycle.
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