Voting Process

An example of a full voting cycle for a DAO on XDAO.
On the DAO home page select the "Create Voting" button.
Select any voting from the drop-down list. Example: "Send MATIC". Fill it out. A title will be generated automatically from the inputs, but you may edit it manually. We also recommend including your own explanation of the transaction's purpose in the description field.
To create a voting, affix your signature.
Creating and signing a vote in XDAO is entirely free. Payment for a transaction occurs only at the time of activation.
After creating a voting, you also automatically vote "yes". Other participants will see a new voting with the "In Progress" status. Now they will be able to take part in the voting by signing it in the same way.
After reaching the quorum, the status will be changed to "Ready to activate". Any of the participants can activate voting, he will also pay gas fees. It will be charged gas per transaction.
Important! Make sure your wallet network is the same as the DAO network before making any transaction.
The status will be changed to "Activated".
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