Upgrade your DAO: Step-by-Step Tutorial

If you don't have $XDAO tokens, go to this page to purchase $XDAO tokens:

pageHow to buy $XDAO token?

If you have $XDAO tokens on another blockchain, go to this page on bridge $XDAO tokens between blockchains:

pageBridge $XDAO tokens between blockchains: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Follow these instructions to upgrade your DAO and drop below to learn more information:

If you choose to pay from the DAO balance, then a poll will be created and payment will occur when that poll is activated.

Payment from the balance of the DAO can be made only on the network in which this DAO was created.

When you extend your subscription, we recommend that you use the same network you originally used to pay for your subscription, because your subscription renewal will add up to your current subscription.

If you want to change your payment network when you extend your subscription, we recommend that you extend your subscription at least one day before it ends, because if you change your payment network, your subscription will start when you pay on the new network.

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