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Any Custom DeFi
Interact with any DeFi on behalf of your DAO


XDAO platform already integrated TOP DeFis into its dApp. However, if you are going to use the protocol that is not listed in XDAO you can simply put some data in "Any custom DeFi" module. Here is step-by-step guide.
Please, be careful and stricltly follow the instructions! Otherwise you won't be able to activate your vote!
There are 4 field you should fill in:
    Address (the addres of the contract you're interaัting with)
    Data(bytes data)
    Value(the amount of BNB we must provide with the transaction)
    Comment(any comment that will be displayed for other members)


Firstly, go to the dApp page you want to interact with and get the function you're going to call. You can use your own wallet or create new wallet for this. You won't spent your money so far, but will get necessary data to execute our module.
Function Swap we want to call
Click confirm
You will be redirected to Metamask confirmation
Copy address (in our case it is Pancake Router) and add it to "address" field
Address added


There is only one a little bit tricky thing you will do. You need replace your own address from HEX DATA with your DAO address and then copy new HEX DATA into "Data" field.
Copy paste the HEX DATA in txt and replace your wallet address with your DAO address.
For example, you have the following bytecode (your personal wallet is highlighted in bold):
if your DAO address is 0x834C859F7cA7CEEfe9122FD27CC28bbACcaae62D you will have:
Notice that DAO address should be passed without 0x
Data added


The "value" means the amount of BNB you need for this transaction. Moving back to our first Metamask screenshot you can see the value 1. Provide this value in the field "Value"
Check transaction for a value


"Comment" is optional field that will help your team to recognize what is this voting for.
Click "Create Voting" and go to Voting section:
We succesfully created Voting with Any Custom DeFi!
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